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Multi-channel inbox

An easy all-in-one software for managing your customer & team communications

Receive and reply to all incoming messages from channels like Chat, SMS, Email, Social Media, etc right from your Inbox. Multi-Channel Inbox including via our Mobile App, makes it possible to stay connected in the field and 24/7.

Deliver a customer experiences that lead to greater loyalty and more sales,

  1. Respond Faster by connecting all your channels in a single Inbox
  2. More sales opportunity with quick access to “Actions”
  3. Coordinate quickly with your team with access to shared inbox
  4. Access to rich customer context without leaving Inbox.

All your channels, together

Bring every customer message into one inbox. Stop wasting time switching from chats, text, emails and social media and respond to every lead from multiple channel. 

Your inbox can be connected to Website ChatBox, Text, Email, Facebook and Google My Business. Your replies go directly to the customer in the channel it came in on—so for them, all they see is a flawless customer experience.

Get started by adding Free Channel to your Inbox – ChatBox Free. Book a call to learn more.

Turn every customer conversation into a growth opportunity.

Seamlessly convert your conversations into a sales opportunity. With easy access to “Actions” like send your booking page link, review request, customer portal.

Every conversation in your Multi-Channel Inbox is surrounded by customer history, relevant sales data, and booking information for greater operational efficiency AND stronger customer relationships.

Quicker and convenient way to receive, send and manage all the messages.

Handle all your conversations from a single inbox.  Chat, Email, Text, Facebook Messenger or Google— you name it. Keep it all organized and actionable in one platform.

The Inbox organizes conversations as if they were from the same platform, making it easier for you to manage and faster to respond. This means you can view every message in client-specific threads instantly.

Ensure a more consistent customer experience and fewer headaches for your team.

See and respond to every chat, text, social media message, and email in a single thread. With a centralized Inbox for Admins, there’s no confusion, duplicate replies, or emails slipping through the cracks.

Plus Team ChatBox  feature allows you to send and receive unlimited messages from your Service Provider. Communication have never been so easy and seamless!

A lot goes into keeping customers happy.
Keep the conversation going with Multi – Channel Inbox

Get started by adding ChatBox FREE to your website. Engage in 2-way conversations with your website visitors and turn them into customers.


What people are saying

Don’t just take our word for it, see what everyone else is saying!

  • I don’t have any complaints about the software. So happy I took the time to see what they offer.

    Lashon M

  • MioCommerce is great, it provides amazing features to grow my business. Their team is always available when assistance is needed.

    Liliana L

  • Informative, patient, and invested. Franc and his team have all assisted in making my experience with their platform a successful one.

    Cheryl K

  • My business has grown within only MONTHS! We had a 35% increase in business! We couldn’t have done it without you! Keep up the great work!!

    Andrea C

All-in-1 solution to manage everything!

Reports & dashboard

Maximize your business insights with comprehensive reporting.

Learn more

Invoicing & collections

Streamline billing with MioCommerce!

Learn more

Customer & booking profiles

Save a ton of time creating, editing, rescheduling, or updating any customer or booking.

Learn more

Zip code filtering

Manage the zip/postal codes you serve.

Learn more

Work force management

Managing your workforce just got easy!

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Mobile app

Manage and coordinate with your team remotely with our mobile app.

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Call-in & on-premise

Delight your call-in & on-premise customers.

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Drag & drop dispatching software

Get your service team to where they need to be.

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Real-time availability

Optimize schedules based on real-time availability.

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Smart calendar

Save a ton of time & cost with MioCommerce’s proprietary SMART Calendar.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Multi-Channel Inbox?

An easy all-in-one platform for managing customer communications. Centralize all your customer communication in one place to respond faster, coordinate quickly & grow your business.

A Multi-Channel Inbox is a centralized place where you can send and receive all the messages from your customers via channels that have been connected.

Your Multi-Channel Inbox can be connected to multiple channels like ChatBox Plus , SMS, Team Chat, Emails*, Facebook Messenger* and Google business chat* (*Launching Soon!)

Which channels are supported by the Multi-Channel Inbox?

You can receive and reply to all incoming messages from multiple channels right from your MioCommerce Inbox including via our Mobile App, making it possible to stay connected in the field and 24/7.

Your Multi- Channel Inbox can be connected to

  1. Chat Box – Basic (Free) / Plus (Paid)
  2. Text (For adding Text, please email us at [email protected])
  3. Team Chat (With Grow Subscription)
  4. Email (Coming soon!)
  5. Social Media – Facebook and Google My Business (Coming soon!)

We will be adding many more channels in near future.

Is it possible to use the Multi-Channel Inbox if I am not a MioCommerce Startup or Grow subscriber?

Absolutely! By signing up for a free account with MioCommerce, you can install the ChatBox – Free and use the Multi-Channel Inbox to communicate with your customers.

You can further add communication channels like SMS (Paid) to your Inbox. One of the Channel is offered FREE by MioCommerce – ChatBox (FREE Version) for your website.

To learn how it works, please schedule a call with us!