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Live pricing & real time booking pages

Instantly Convert Online Shoppers into Paying Customers.

80% of home service buyers are now shopping on-line. Build integrity with our gorgeous booking pages & instantly convert site visitors into paying customers. Site visitors can instantly obtain personalized pricing, schedule a booking, pay online & receive an instant confirmation while on your web or social site.

Create Unlimited customized Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages

Install on any Web & Social site in seconds

Sell services online 24/7 on any device

Appeal to on-line shoppers of home & commercial services

The fastest growing segment of home service buyers are online shoppers! However their buying behavior is completely different from traditional call-in customers. They look for convenience & ease in buying services, 24/7 and won’t wait for a call-back or enter their email in a simple form.

Engage On-line shoppers by allowing them to instantly:

Obtain personalized pricing

Schedule appointments based real-time availability

Pay online

Receive instant booking confirmations & reminders

Flexible & personalized pricing – a personal touch!

Make each customer feel unique! Instantly offer each customer a personalized price based on their specific requirements.

With our Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages your customers can instantly receive a precise & accurate price for the service they need. Provide instant gratification by allowing them to obtain detailed pricing for base services, extra’s, frequency or quantity of purchased services as well as taxes (if acquired) and incentive them with special discounts based on how much they buy.

Expand your business & services as you go!

MioCommerce’s Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages are fully customizable and can sell any Home & Commercial Service! Create unlimited booking pages for each and every one of your services and instantly add them to any web, social media and partner sites.

In seconds, start converting and managing your entire new and existing customer base. Add new services instantly. Create new booking pages from scratch or use one of our many best practice booking page templates (fully modifiable) to get started.

Sell prepaid bundles & recurring bookings!

Our Pre-Paid Bundle and Recurring Booking options are a lifesaver for anyone with a high-frequency services!

Pre-Paid Bundles: Now your customers can purchase multiple services at once! Each bundle booking comes with a unique I.D number so customers can redeem each unit of service on their own based on your real-time availability.

Recurring Bookings: With this option customers can schedule regular services (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc). Giving you a predictable customer right from the first booking!

Jump start & grow your business


What people are saying

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  • I don’t have any complaints about the software. So happy I took the time to see what they offer.

    Lashon M

  • MioCommerce is great, it provides amazing features to grow my business. Their team is always available when assistance is needed.

    Liliana L

  • Informative, patient, and invested. Franc and his team have all assisted in making my experience with their platform a successful one.

    Cheryl K

  • My business has grown within only MONTHS! We had a 35% increase in business! We couldn’t have done it without you! Keep up the great work!!

    Andrea C

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Frequently Asked Questions

I offer multiple services, is it possible to make multiple booking pages?

Absolutely, you can make as many booking pages as you like! To create a new booking page, in the Back End Management Software simply click ‘Service Pages’, then ‘Create Booking Page’ and you can pick from our layouts or customize your own.

Can I input a booking without using a booking page?

Yes, no problem! Our Backend Management Software easily allows booking entry, so whether it’s from call-ins, emails, or on location, you can simply click ‘new booking’ and follow your own guide to create a booking, customer, and assign employees.

I operate in multiple languages do I have to create a new booking page for each language?

No, MioCommerce supports multiple languages, simply click the language tab in your ‘Booking Page Editor’ and change the titles of each section to the language you support.