November 12, 2023

3 ways to better handle pricing for your pet services


Pricing can definitely be a source of frustration for pet service business owners. On the one hand, you enjoy spending time with pets – on the other, you hate the hassle of calculating a price or quote from scratch every time a customer asks you about your services.

If pricing is your undoing, here are 3 ways to handle pricing the smart way.

This post is an offshoot from How To Run A Profitable Pet Services Business. Read the main post to learn everything you need to know!

1. Use flat rates instead of hourly

It can be tempting to charge people directly for your time.

We go into more detail on why this is important in our profitable pricing post, but in this context, flat rate pricing works out better for both you and your customers.

Why? Because customers can avoid doing the mental gymnastics of figuring out how much your service will cost – and so do you.

In the case of services that are not bound by time – like poop-scooping and grooming – you’re also not penalized by your experience.

The better you become at your job, the faster you’ll be able to perform. Does that mean you should be paid less? Absolutely not! With flat pricing, your work becomes more profitable as you gain experience, which means you can scale your business more effectively.

The only exception? If you’re a dog sitter who offers smaller packages – a few hours at a time, for example – then hourly pricing may be better for you.

2. Figure out your exact numbers

Ever found yourself stumbling for exact pricing figures when potential customers call you?

That’s because you haven’t done the work of deciding on your exact pricing.

If customers decide to call you instead of using your website to book your services, you should be able to give them a quick answer.

This ensures no time is wasted and makes you sound more confident on the phone.

For an added professional touch, follow up with call-in customers by sending them professional quotes by email. This clears up any chances of misunderstanding and allows customers to take action immediately, especially if you include a booking link in your email. Plus, they’re less likely to forget about you!

3. Add instant pricing features on your pricing and booking page

By nature, the service industry is difficult to price – especially when it comes to pets.

Not all dogs need the same length of walks.

Not all dogs take the same effort to groom.

Not all dogs require special training when dog-sitting. 

It goes on and on.

When customers land on your website, these factors need to be included. Your pricing and booking page should give an accurate depiction of what your services will cost.

This makes pet owners feel more confident about booking you – they know the exact amount they’ll need to spend and won’t need to be afraid of hidden charges or additional fees.

Create a profitable pet services business with professional quoting

When quoting is done in a professional way, pet owners will feel more confident saying yes and choosing you over your competition.

They’ve come across as a real business owner who can be trusted!

Did you know that we come with powerful pricing and quoting features? Claim your free trial today to try out the power of professional quoting for your pet service business!

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