November 12, 2023

5 mistakes you’re making on your pet service business website!


At the core of any digital marketing strategy for your pet services business is an effective business website.

A website is the key to funneling online leads to becoming paying customers for your pet services, but simply having a website won’t magically generate more income.

Your website needs to be user-friendly and make customers want to keep scrolling. A solid website can go a long way in helping you position yourself in your industry and set yourself apart from other pet service businesses.

Here are 5 common mistakes pet service business owners make on their website that are cutting back their ability to make more money!

This post is an offshoot from How To Run A Profitable Pet Services Business. Read the main post to learn everything you need to know!

1. A confusing flow

When someone lands on your website, the user experience flow should be clear right from the start.

Can’t find your menu? Too many confusing offshoot pages? Too much text with no goal?

That needs fixing.

Customers should easily be able to find your booking page and contact information. If they have to slave through your site to get the information they need, they can just as easily skip to the next competitor in line.

Don’t let a confusing website cost you a sale! If you’re unsure of whether or not this is a problem, find someone in your circle who knows nothing about your services and ask them to navigate your website.

When we limit testing to ourselves and our closest friends and family, it doesn’t give an accurate account of the user experience on your site, since there is a pre-existing knowledge of your services.

The less knowledge your test subjects have about your pet services, the better.

However, make sure to follow up with them about this! Ask specific questions about their experience to get a sense of what they understood and what was not so clear.

2. Unclear pricing

Great user experience isn’t all you need to make your website easy to understand. Pet owners have a specific budget in mind when shopping for services.

If they want to book your services online, but can’t understand how your pricing works, they’ll be less likely to complete the booking. No one likes to book if they don’t know what they’ll be paying for the service!

Make sure your website displays pricing information for every specific service. Depending on your pricing structure, certain factors can influence the final price, such as length of walks for dog walkers, or specific services for dog groomers.

We can help integrate real-time pricing and booking directly into your website, which means your customers can calculate their personalized price on their own and book your services 24/7.

3. Business-centric language

Service-based business owners have a habit of focusing their website copy about themselves. They’ll write about everything they can do, their experience and history, and forget all about the main person they should be writing to:

The customer.

Of course, your website needs to speak about your pet services. But the language used should be customer-centric. Instead of explaining what you do and how great you are, explain how your customers (and their fluffy companions) can benefit from choosing you amongst the competition.

Use less ‘we’ and more ‘you’ in your sentences. Talk about the pain points dog owners often deal with and how you can remediate to it, while always ensuring your customer is at the center of your text.

By doing this, your website will target your prospective customers’ problems and desires. Perhaps it’s taking their worries away by making sure their beloved pet is taken for a walk while they’re at work, or offloading poop-scooping duties so they can enjoy more time with their families.

4. No real-time availabilities

What’s the use of booking your pet services on your website if there are no real-time availabilities?

Some service-based businesses have customers fill out a form, then follow up with them by phone later to schedule an appointment. But that defeats the purpose of online selling

Make sure your website not only displays available booking slots for your customers, but that these time slots are always kept up to date in real-time. This avoids booking conflicts and keeps customers happy.

5. No mobile optimization

Imagine a potential customer is taking a walk with their dog. 

They get this brilliant idea – what if someone else could walk their dog for them?

So they pull out their phone, search ‘dog walkers in my area’, and land on your site. But as soon as they start navigating through your site, something is made painfully obvious – this website was not designed for mobile phones.

It’s a clunky mess. 

So what happens? The potential customer goes back to the search results page and picks another competitor.

Odds are, your customers have mobile phones, and they like to use them. If you want to avoid losing customers, you need to take mobile users into consideration and make sure your website is easy to use on all platforms.

Otherwise, that’s a huge chunk of potential income gone.

Lastly, optimizing your language for search is important too. Use keywords to ensure your website ranks highly on google. Use them in meta tags on images on your website, or to help guide any content related to your website! Click here for a Free Download of the 50 Best Keywords For Pet Service Businesses! (Pet Grooming, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking)

Convert more pet service customers with a beautiful website

With a solid website, you can convert more visitors and stop hustling to generate more profit for your pet services business.

Don’t feel like creating a website from scratch? We offer fully loaded, beautiful, mobile-responsive websites which are ready out of the box. Sign up for your free trial today!

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