November 13, 2023

5 ways to grow your Mobile Auto Detailing business


When your craft involves cleaning and restoring automobiles back to showroom-like conditions, you’d want to focus your time and attention on two things – on delivering great service and expanding your enterprise. And when it comes to growing your mobile auto detailing business, the most practical way to do this today is by selling and marketing your detailing services online. 

We’ve previously covered how to market your mobile auto detailing business in our blog post here, feel free check it out later! 

So, why is going online the next milestone in growing your auto detailing business? Because more than 87% of all shoppers are purchasing their products and services on the internet – it is best to be where your customers are shopping. You are also able to take advantage of tools like our platform, that are designed to help you sell your auto detailing services online, grow your business and simplify your operations. 

With that said, In this article, we’ll talk about 5 ways to grow your mobile auto detailing business with the help of our platform, so buckle up and let’s get going!

1. Start selling directly on your website and social media. 

The quickest way to start growing your mobile auto detailing business is by enabling your customers to buy your services directly from your website. Gone are the days of filling out ‘contact us’ forms, or going back and forth with clients via phone. Online shoppers prefer response times of ‘right now’ instead of waiting. 

You greatly increase the chance of converting online visitors into paying customers by giving them the ability to select your services and pay for them in a few clicks. At the same time, you offer your customers a smooth and hassle free shopping experience, similar to a site that sells products, like Amazon for example. 

How is that done? By installing our Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages to your website – you can instantly start selling your auto detailing services to online shoppers. Our fully customizable booking pages offer personalized pricing, meaning customers can select the size of their vehicle, the number of vehicles, any extras (more on that later), and see the price for your services updated automatically. You can fully customize the questions on our booking pages to get the right info from your clients, and sell your services as you prefer. 

If you sell services in packages such as a ‘’basic detail, essential detail, premium detail etc’, you can include information about them in our booking pages explaining exactly what is included in each one detailing package, without your customer having to leave the booking page.  

When you’re offering services like ceramic coating where an inspection may be required, you have the option of offering your customers a starting price, and get them to request a quote to get their final pricing. This can also apply to scenarios where you are servicing fleets, where you would prefer not to display your pricing up-front. 

If you’re wondering how you would handle call-in customers that want to make a booking, we’ve made it easy to create a booking in a few seconds, provide instant pricing, and get them to pay for your service in a matter of moments with our secure payment processing system. 

Market your auto-detailing business on social media

What about making your social media channels sell for you? In addition to taking pictures and videos of vehicles you pristinely detailed to promote your brand, you can also sell your auto detailing services on social media. You can include a ‘Book Now’ button on your Facebook or a ‘Book’ button on your Instagram, and have it link directly to our booking pages – in other words, a potential customer that found you through your social media can purchase your service right there without having to go to your website first. 

2. Revamp your website to optimize for online sales  

Are you looking to upgrade your existing website, or don’t have one yet?  Once you connect to our platform, you have the option to use one of our e-commerce themes specifically designed for mobile auto detailing businesses. They’re optimized to do one thing for you – sell your auto detailing services online. 

Each theme is fully customizable, optimized to sell on mobile, and professionally structured to lead shoppers to the ‘Book Now’ button on our booking pages in as few clicks as possible. You can personally brand each theme with your preferred colors and company logo. All you need to do is tell us what content you would like on the website, or simply use the preloaded content we’ve already created for you. We’ll take care of the rest, and have you up and running in 72 hours. 

In addition to its modern aesthetics and structure, you also get to add testimonials from happy clients, a section for FAQs, a blog section and much more. 

3. Sell repeat bookings  

Nothing feels better than knowing you’re going to have a repeat customer for your auto detailing or car washing jobs. When you have clients that would like to get their vehicle washed at regular intervals, you can make it easy for them to buy recurring services through our booking pages. You also include a small percentage discount to further entice them to buy recurring bookings.  

What about customers that want a recurring service from you, but not at regular intervals? What if a client would prefer to decide the next time they wanted a car wash or an interior detail – In that case your customers can buy prepaid service bundles, and redeem them whenever they like. The idea is simple – to get you the cash up front, saving your customer the hassle of paying each time for a recurring service. 

4. Upsell your services 

Upselling services is a great way to make extra revenue from each customer. Whether you offer headlight restoration, pet hair removal, engine detailing etc., you have the option of providing these extra services in our booking pages and getting clients to easily select them.

Let’s say a customer books a basic exterior detail and they notice that you’re offering extras like odor elimination and carpet shampoo (you can offer as many as you like) on the booking page. In this case, even though the client may not want a full interior detailing job, they can choose to pay extra and still get the interior of their car cleaned. Same goes for headlight restoration – your customer doesn’t need to go to the mechanic since you can do that job for them.

5Save time on automating daily task

Whether you work solo or have a team, automating your process will save you a major amount of time otherwise spent on administrative tasks. Here are some features weoffer to do just that: 

  • Our auto-dispatch feature automatically sends out the next free team member to their job based on a priority system, and you can also choose to send the same team member for each recurring booking.
  • Whenever a customer books an auto detailing service from you, they are able to see your live availabilitysaving you the trouble of getting double booked. 
  • Any modification to a booking can be handled easily with a drag & drop function in our SMART calendar, while instantly notifying your team.
  • You can also send pre-scheduled & automated SMS and email reminders to your clients so they know when to expect you. 
  • With our app, you can easily manage multiple team members and keep them well informed. They can access their calendar with bookings updated in real-time, quickly open a map to find their client’s location, and check-in / check-out of each job so you can easily monitor their work hours. 

What next? 

There’s a lot more, but that must be a lot to digest already. To put it shortly, we are the best software for growing your mobile auto detailing business, and simplifying your operations. 

You can go ahead and explore our services for yourself by registering to our free 14 day trial, or book a demo with us to learn from our product experts how our solutions apply specifically to your business. 

Happy auto detailing!