November 12, 2023

6 ways to improve your cleaning service business


Maid services can be a tough industry. It takes grit and finesse to make your business stand out and run smoothly. Here are a few tips for someone who is thinking about starting, or has an established residential cleaning business.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! 

Today there are plenty of resources for all kinds of niches, it’s a good idea to explore the ones dedicated to home cleaners. Check for groups, associations, and government or provincial/state help that is available for you. Like the ARCSI, these resources will guide you with your management, marketing & generating leads, and sometimes even give you financial aid as a small business.

2. Design a framework so your cleaning business can work without you. 

Make sure there are protocols in place by developing systems. This way as your cleaning business grows it will stay consistent, efficient, meet expectations, and be able to run without you. Start with your sales pitch when you meet a new client, tell them how you clean and what separates you from the rest, keep it consistent and you’ll have it down in no time, and now you can teach this to a new employee.

You can do this for everything, getting a new customer (Free downloadable PDF – How to generate more leads for your cleaning services), cleaningpayments, supervision, training employees, customer service, reporting, etc. The easier it is to be consistent, the more consistent you and your employees will be. An easy way to stay consistent is to use cleaning service software like ours to help you, this is partially why we created our company, to give home cleaners a smart framework to help them with daily tasks while also helping them build brand integrity.

3. Share with family and friends

Start to build your network of support. Don’t be shy about encouraging your family and friends to support your business. Make sure they understand your offer and ask them to let their family and friends know about your service.

You don’t have to make it complicated, this is one of the best places to start, and chances are they will be the best word-of-mouth marketing team out there. Be patient, and more and more customers will be referred to you.

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4. It’s the small things; make your customers remember you (positively) 

The nature of home cleaning means you’re going to be in people’s personal space, your customers want –above all else– to be sure they can trust you. Go out of your way to call your customers by their name as much as possible, remember their birthdays, tell a joke, or leave a small friendly note behind, small gestures add up and can ensure client retention and word-of-mouth. This also opens up doors for honest feedback and referrals. Remember, you don’t have to be their friend, but you should always be friendly. 

Another way to have your customers remember you, and potentially get new customers, is to give your residential cleaning customers something to talk about. Fold their towels in a unique way, use green cleaning products, fold the end of the toilet paper into a triangle, anything to showcase your above and beyond cleaning service to be sure it gives you recognition.

5. Jumpstart your online marketing. It’s easy!

Keep learning, there’s always more you can learn about, from basic emails, forums, social media, or SEO, there’s always another way you can leverage an online presence. we allow you to jumpstart online marketing for your cleaning business. Use it to leverage social media by easily adding ‘Book Now’ buttons to Facebook and Instagram, and instantly convert online shoppers with our Real-Time Pricing & Booking Pages for each of your home cleaning services. This will increase the ways in which people can learn about your business and buy your cleaning service.

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14 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website How to convert online shoppers into paying customers. 

6. Smooth payment process & simple transparent pricing

An easy way to show your customers you are a professional is to have a transparent pricing model. This makes sure everyone is clear and comfortable with the price and ask. If you’re not sure how to model your home cleaning pricing structure ask us for our guide. This makes pricing personalized and opens doors to optional extras to try and upsell your customer. 

Make it seamless, make sure customers know how much the cost is before the cleaning, and needless to say if they’re paying cash be sure to have the proper change on hand. Or better yet, give customers the ability to order and pay online with a fully customizable website Dynamic Pricing & Booking page. This ensures that on the day of the cleaning the focus can stay on the service provided, and less stress about having cash on hand for the customer and yourself.