November 13, 2023

86 industries that benefit from MioCommerce during social distancing


While many believe social distancing will hit the home services industry hard, it is most likely going to be the opposite. According to Technavio, the global online on-demand home services market will grow to $1,574.86 billion during 2020-2024.

With most people ‘locked down’ in their residences and working from home, the demand for home services is actually going to surge upwards – provided your enterprise is able to adapt to a world that is now spending more time online than ever before. 

What does that mean? More than 87% of all buyers are now going online to make their purchases. When those online shoppers land on your website, they’ll naturally want to buy your services and pay for them online too. By fulfilling this demand of today’s online buyers, you can expect to not just stay afloat but thrive during the era of social distancing. 

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can use our platform to continue growing your home service business, and look at 86 different industries that benefit from our features during social distancing.

How to thrive during social distancing

First off, you’ll need to ensure you can fulfill your services without coming in contact with your clients. Unless you need to physically touch your clients, as is the case for hairstylists, massage therapists, manicurists, and similar services, you can find simple ways to adapt your fulfillment to keep yourself, your team, and your clients safe using our platform.

First, instead of taking payments in-person, let customers pay for your services online, by using our live pricing and real-time booking pages. In fact, why not take the entire booking process online and offer your customers a smoother and more convenient experience – Clients can choose exactly what type of service they need, what additional services they’d like, and choose a time, based on your team’s real-time availability, that works best for them (and you), which is especially important if they need to leave their home while you fulfill the service.

Next, consider using an online dispatching tool to eliminate the need for in-person meetings with your team. In addition, to avoid contact between your team and your clients, when using our platform you can also send pre-scheduled & automated SMS and email reminders,  sent to your clients, to remind them that you will be going to their home on the date and time they had booked. If you need to make changes to a booking such as re-assigning it to different or multiple team members, it is easily done via a simple drag & drop in our SMART calendar. Your team gets instantly notified of any modifications, and always remains well informed. 

This means your entire team, and your clients, know exactly who should be where at what time, thus keeping everybody safe and allowing you and your team to provide your services without contact. Because communication no longer relies on the human element, coordination between your business, your team and your customers is both safer and easier.  Ensuring nothing falls between the cracks.

Here’s a short list of service based industries that benefit from our All-in-1 E-Commerce Platform during social distancing

Below is a list of the 86 industries that can use our all-in-one e-commerce platform to better adapt to social distancing and continue expanding: 

●     Car care services

●     Cleaning services

●     Handyman services

●     Exterior services (gutter cleaning, chimney sweeping, masonry, pressure washing, etc.)

●     Lawn care services

●     Locksmith services

●     Mobile car wash services

●     Tire change services

●     Tutoring services

●     Window cleaning services

●     Pressure washing services

●     Outdoor services

●     Meal catering

●     Carpet cleaning

●     Beauty services (hairdressing, makeup artists, etc)

●     Therapy services

●     Pet services (dog walking, grooming, pet training, pet sitting, etc)

●     Personal trainers

●     Nutritionists

●     Gyms and fitness studios

●     Appliance replacement

●     Bricklaying

●     Art therapy

●     Birthday events

●     Assisted living

●     Art installation

●     Carpentry

●     Chimney sweep

●     Home and commercial cleaning services

●     Disability services

●     Laundry and dry cleaning

●     Computer repair

●     Construction services

●     Electrician services

●     Event catering and coordination

●     Gyprock and drywall

●     Handyman services

●     Event staff

●     Fencing

●     Flooring

●     General contracting

●     Gutter cleaning

●     Hired help services

●     Home care services

●     Home decor

●     Home Electronics Installation and Maintenance

●     Home Field Services

●     Home Improvement

●     Home Installation

●     Home Organizing

●     Home Painting

●     Home Staging

●     Home Tutoring

●     HVAC

●     Janitorial Services

●     Limousine Service

●     Make-up Artist

●     Masonry

●     Mobile Mechanic

●     Mobile Pet Care

●     Mobile Veterinarian

●     Nanny Care

●     Packing / Unpacking

●     Pedicure / Manicure

●     Personal Butler

●     Personal Care

●     Personal Nursing

●     Personal Shopper

●     Pest control

●     Photography

●     Plumbers

●     Pool Cleaning

●     Pressure washing

●     Roofing

●     Septic tank

●     Smart Home Installation

●     Snow Removal

●     Spa Services

●     Sprinkler System

●     Structural Rehab

●     Tree Care

●     Upholstery Repair and Cleaning

●     Wall Hanging

●     Waste Management and removal

●     Window Cleaning

●     Yoga classes

If you own a home service business in any of the above industries, our platform is built especially to help you sell your services online instantly, and build your own branded e-commerce store.

See it for yourself – schedule a demo today and find out how we can help grow your home service business and simplify your business operations, or sign up for our 14 Day Trial and explore our features for free.