November 13, 2023

How to build a consistent and competitive pricing model for your maid service business


Wondering how to plan your home cleaning business’s pricing structure?

If you’ve been in the residential cleaning game for a while, perhaps you have been using a traditional hourly method for pricing structures. This works well when you visit a prospective client’s home and estimate pricing based on how long the home will take to clean.

However, when you update your website to being able to sell your Home or Commercial Services online a whole new world of possibilities opens up for pricing structures” 

Not only can you change your pricing to become more competitive, but you can also ensure you’re doing so in a way that makes it easy for your online visitors to buy from you hence maximizing your profit margin for each customer compared to traditional hourly pricing

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The drawbacks of hourly pricing

When you give hourly pricing information upfront to your customers, you’re limited by your local market.

Hourly rates for home cleaning services can range from $20 an hour all the way up to $100 an hour depending on where you live.

And if you live in an area where the market price is lower, clients generally won’t accept a higher hourly rate – unless you’re offering some SERIOUS value in exchange.

So you’re bottlenecked by the market and cannot increase your profit margins unless you pay your employees a lower rate – which is not necessarily a good idea if you want your employees to perform great cleaning work.

But with modern technology, you are no longer limited to hourly pricing.

How to price your services online

Thanks to online commerce, you can decide how much money you would like to earn per hour and build it into your pricing.

Your pricing can be structured in a few ways, like by the number of bedrooms, or the total surface area of a house.

Let’s say you want to make $80 an hour from your house cleaning services. You know it takes approximately 4 hours for your crew to complete a 2-bedroom home, so you can charge a flat fee of $320 for the service.

With our platform, you can provide options for every variable a client will need to get their homes cleaned, including but not limited to:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Surface area of the home
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Other key characteristics of a home

However, it doesn’t end there. Your clients may think they only need regular cleaning services at first, but you can increase your profits by automatically suggesting upsells to them.

How to increase your profit margins by upselling

Allow your online customers to easily add to their regular home cleaning services,  a variety of “extras” to their purchase.  With our fully customizable Live Pricing & Real-Time booking pages, you can let them choose amongst an unlimited number of “Extra’s” such as the examples in the image. Thus, easily upselling more services and generating additional revenues per customer for your cleaning business.

For instance, nearly everyone has an oven and a fridge, and no one likes to go through the hassle of cleaning those! Offer them as additional services using the Extra’s section on your Instant Pricing & Real-Time Booking page – your clients probably don’t even know they want to spend more until you give them the option of added convenience.

Additionally, consider asking a simple question: “At what frequency would you like your home cleaned?”

You’re not asking if the client wants recurring cleaning – you’re giving them an easy option to say yes and specify how often.

Our fully customizable and real-time pricing & booking pages allow you to offer your online shoppers personalized pricing based on their specific and unique needs. Creating this personal pricing flow makes it easy to maximize your profit margins for every customer.

That’s it – you just made a bigger sale on a recurring basis without any effort!

Build a competitive pricing model instantly

If you know how much money you want to make per hour with your home cleaning services, but don’t want to go through the mental gymnastics of calculating a rates by home size etc, no worries – we’ve got you covered. 

Consult us to use our pricing sheet for home cleaners to automatically build a pricing strategy for your home cleaning service business and start boosting your profits! Book A Demo to gain access to this pricing & labor time calculator.

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