November 13, 2023

How to reinvent your Home Service business during social distancing


With the advent of social distancing, it is clear that business can no longer be conducted as usual. Many enterprise owners have come up with ways to respond to social distancing rules, but to succeed in the long run – you need to be in a position to quickly adjust to abrupt changes in the economic environment. 

It is better to be adaptive rather than reactive in times as uncertain as these and to get better equipped to handle any unexpected changes in the current market. This pandemic could be your chance to reinvent your home service business, so read on and find how it can be done! 

1. Change how your services are fulfilled, and how you work with your teams. 

Do you or your team members need to meet face-to-face with your customers to provide your services?  Is there a way to run your business without having to personally meet your contractors or team members? With today’s technology face-to-face interactions with your team members or clients are no longer necessary. 

If you run a tutoring service, for example, It is possible to communicate with your clients using video conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meets. If you run a service business with multiple employees it is a good idea to use tools that allow you to easily coordinate your schedules and bookings with your teams and clients, by being able to send automatic booking notifications and reminders via SMS or email. 

What if you offer a service that requires the client to come to you? Well, you can instead go to them – if you offer mechanical services, or run an auto detailing company, you can go mobile and fulfill your service at your client’s residence while they remain in the comfort and safety of their homes. 

2. Start selling your services online 

If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a website that informs visitors about your services, your business, and a way to contact you by filling out a form or requesting a quote. Online shoppers are used to getting what they want instantly and prefer websites that let them buy their product or service online.

By offering your website visitors a way to instantly purchase your services online, your brand immediately establishes an image of convenience, ease and consumer delight  – right from the start!

One way to make this a reality on your website is by adding our Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages. Customers can now quickly buy your services with a few clicks. No more waiting! Give your clients instant and personalized pricing plus make it simple for them to pay for your services with our integrated payment solution. 

If you don’t have a website, you can easily connect with our platform to get yourself online and begin selling your services.  Be live in 72 hours, with your own beautiful and personally branded e-commerce online e-service store. Existing and prospective customers will be & impressed and delighted and you’ll be the talk of the town.

 You also get all the benefits of our integrated business software which makes it easier for you to manage your entire operations and your team.

3. Communicate your social distancing efforts to foster online selling 

What your customers want most of all is to feel safe. Help them get thereby letting them know how your business is adapting to new social distancing realities. Do this by posting updates on your website or social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram, about the measures you’ve been taking to keep both yourself and your clients safe. Also make it clear in your message that you’ve put in place practical and secure protocols to ensure you keep your employees and your clients safe. 

Next, eliminate the need for onsite estimates by using personalized live pricing and real-time booking pages directly on your website. Our booking pages act exactly like a live onsite estimator would, by providing accurate and pricing specific to each customer’s unique requirements. You can fully customize them to mimic the way you would normally estimate a job on-site, without the hassle and cost involved in traveling and physical contact. 

Not only do they make it simple for your online visitors to find and book exactly what they want, but it also reduces the hassle of figuring out a time that works for everyone – saving you the trouble of visiting the client to provide a quote. Essentially your ‘store’ is now open 24/7 and clients can buy at their convenience from wherever they may be.

Additionally, make your messaging clear throughout your website and social media. It should be obvious to any online visitor (or buyer) that you offer safe and secure fulfillment of your services

4. Streamline your communication with your team and clients

Communication has become ever more crucial during times of social distancing  The traditional way of communicating with team and clients – by phone or text, or sending custom emails for every gig, is time consuming and leaves too much room for error. What happens if you forget to remind a client that you are coming to fix something at their residence, and they are still home when you arrive?

You’ll need to come back another time, or your client will need to leave in a hurry. Overall, no one gets a smooth experience in this scenario. The same issues can happen with your team, where a team member gets double-booked or wasn’t reminded of a modification to their booking in time. 

Instead, automate your booking confirmations and reminders. Your customers and team members instantly get notified and reminded of their upcoming bookings, hence keeping everyone well coordinated. At the same time, you’ll build integrity within your team, and excel in providing great customer service. 

Consider applying the same principles to your team, too. With our platform, you can use a mobile app to communicate in real-time to all team members.  Automatically remind clients of upcoming services, and send text messages to clients when a team member is on their way.  With a click your team can notify you they have checked in or out and even let you know if they are on their way or running late.

 5. Build a better, faster, and smarter business model

There is no need to use 15 different types of software or invest thousands of dollars into complicated IT systems to become a tech-savvy home service business. Seamlessly sell your services online with our all-in-1 E-commerce platform.  It’s been built and designed by extremely experienced founders, specifically to help you grow your SERVICE business. and focused on i) simplifying your business operations and saving you a ton of time and money and ii) helping you acquire more customers online and offline. You, your customers, and your team will love it. 

Our platform is the 1st “All-in-1” e-commerce platform dedicated to helping Small & Medium Home Service businesses grow and simplify their operations.  Come scale with us.   Book a live 1-to-1 demo with one of our product experts to see how it works.