November 12, 2023

How to scale your pet service business and grow a furry empire


Is your pet service business growing at the rate you want it to?

When you’re just starting out as a service-based business and catch a good workflow, it can seem like you’re growing quickly. But at some point, progress stalls, and you’re no longer growing like you once did.

While it can be frustrating to hit a wall like that, you don’t have to stay stuck. We’ve gathered the best ways to scale your pet services business and break through your bottlenecks to achieve the income goals you’ve always wanted.

This post is an offshoot from How To Run A Profitable Pet Services Business. Read the main post to learn everything you need to know!

Go beyond traditional marketing

If you haven’t moved beyond going door-to-door and hanging flyers on nearby telephone poles to tell people about your pet service, the best way to start scaling your business is to go digital.

Digital marketing is a huge topic – one that we go into more detail in our digital marketing post – but here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Don’t spend money on paid ads until you’ve figured out your unique value proposition
  • Create social media accounts to share a combination of educational, fun, and promotional content about your pet services
  • Link your pricing and booking pages directly on your social media sites to simplify the booking process
  • Look into starting an email newsletter and grow an email list of potential customers

In today’s age, if you don’t have an online platform, you’ll find it difficult to scale beyond scraping by – and that’s only if you’re lucky!

Use business software to streamline your workflow

Digital marketing isn’t the only modern tool you should be using.

If you want to scale your pet service business, you need to address the biggest bottleneck:


If you’re constantly busy doing miscellaneous tasks to manage your business, like:

  • Calling customers to remind them of appointments
  • Manually processing payments
  • Explaining how your pricing works via phone, email, or in-person
  • Trying to figure out a smart way to dispatch your staff for new pet service appointments
  • Managing all the bookings yourself

Then you’ll never have the time to dedicate yourself to taking on more clients or training new staff.

Not only can modern technology handle all of this – it can do a better and faster job of it than you.

For instance, instead of coming up with prices on the fly, why not implement a live pricing feature onto your website?

Or why not let pet owners schedule and pay for their own appointments via a pricing and booking tool?

Create upsells on your pricing page

One way to scale your business is to increase the value of your existing customers.

For the same amount of work, you can bring in more income – without constantly having to hustle for the extra opportunity.

Upsells on your pricing and booking pages allow you to do this automatically, every time a customer decides to book your services.

Here are just a few examples of add-ons you can include on your booking pages:

  • Nail Trimming
  • Treat Bags
  • Extra walk sessions added to dog sitting services
  • Dog massages after a grooming session

Apart from upselling additional services, you can ask your customers if they want recurring appointments or to book a bundle package. Ka-ching!

Tip the scales in your favour to grow your pet services business

Scaling your pet services is a combination of:

  • Scaling your time
  • Growing your customer base
  • Growing customer value

By using a combination of digital marketing, business management software, and pricing upsells, you can easily scale your business without any additional effort.

We can handle these 3 tasks and beyond. Sign up for a free trial today to start scaling your business effortlessly!

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