April 19, 2024

301+ Cleaning Quotes for Business & Slogans for More Sales


We’ve gathered good cleaning quotes for business so you won’t have to spend hours searching. 

We’ve even thrown in catchy cleaning business slogans to solidify your brand in the minds of your customers.

Our collection of cleaning quotes is quite comprehensive. With these slogans, you’ll get your cleaning business noticed, attract new customers, and convince prospects to check out your services.

But before we get into the specifics, let’s go over the basics first.

Why is Your Cleaning Business Slogan Important?

It’s undeniable that catchy cleaning quotes and slogans can help boost sales, win repeat customers, and turn those clients into brand loyalists.

Think of Nike. The company’s slogan, “Just do it,” has effectively captured the attention of new customers over the years. 

Here are some specific benefits a memorable slogan can have on your business. 

It Makes Your Message Clear

Cleaning service slogans aren’t explanations. 

They’re brief statements that your customers can remember. They reach prospects at every education level and language proficiency. A well-crafted slogan is a simple message that conveys your company’s values.

It Helps Create Your Brand Identity

Good slogans or quotes for your cleaning business can set you apart from competitors.

Consider Buonaliving slogan “Free up time for what matters most. Home living just got easy!

cleaning company business quote snapshot

These taglines paint a picture of a brand that understands the struggles of a busy homeowner to keep their homes clean. 

When you mention Buonaliving, a customer envisions a company that lets them enjoy life without worrying about the mess at home.  

Buonaliving is a perfect example of how an effective slogan can create a brand identity that connects with the deep emotional needs of its customers. 

It Helps Boost Brand Recognition

Together with your logo, your business slogan is an important part of your branding that makes your cleaning service recognizable.

The best slogans and taglines will make everything about your company a welcome advertisement. They’ll remind your customer of their good experiences with your business.

Over time, your slogan and brand consistency will automatically attract attention to every ad you place.

It Reminds Customers Why They Value Your Cleaning Service

unique selling point snapshot

Some big companies have experienced success with slogans that are basically one-liners, like Nike. And while you may not be Nike, choosing a catchy slogan can significantly boost your brand recognition. 

A catchy slogan, thus, gives your customers a reason to remember your cleaning services.

Buonaliving’s slogan, for instance, reminds customers that by outsourcing cleaning to the company, clients gain back hours they can spend on hobbies or family.

It Communicates What Advertising Doesn’t Cover

One way to look at cleaning quotes and taglines is as the glue holding your brand together.

Good slogans communicate the quality of services that underline everything you do, whether it’s detailed cleaning methods, experience, or a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Dos and Don’ts of Creating Catchy Cleaning Slogans

The average person sees 10,000+ brand messages daily — a 525% increase from the 70s. Anywhere a brand can be, it will be. So, how can you create a catchy cleaning slogan that stands out?

The table below summarizes slogan best practices.

Keep simple. Shorter cleaning slogans are catchy. Example: ”Cleaning at its best.”Stay away from buzzwords. Avoid industry jargon that’s hard to understand. Avoid phrases like “dust suppression.”
Make it memorable. You can create a longer slogan if it’s memorable. Example: “We believe your free time wasn’t made for home cleaning.”Don’t be offensive. Your goal is to use a memorable tagline that sits well with your customers and prospects. 
Be creative. Customers remember unusual taglines, good and bad. You want to use cleaning slogans that will inspire prospects to try your services. Example: “We’re your one-stop cleaning service.” Do be inconsistent. You don’t want to keep changing your slogan. You’ll have a hard time building a brand identity if you do. 
Be relevant. But don’t assume what’s relevant to you is relevant to your target market. For example, “a passion for cleaning” captures dedication to your work but doesn’t necessarily draw your prospect’s attention.  
✅Be unique. Take time to research if another cleaning business is using your tagline. Luckily, the suggestions below can help you with that. 

Watch the video below for general tips on creating a tagline or slogan. You can use the insights from the video to craft a unique slogan or tagline customized to your cleaning business. 

How to create a tagline or slogan

Cleaning Business Quotes and Slogans 

With the basics out of the way, let’s explore quotes and slogans cleaning companies can use to attract new and repeat customers. 

25 Cleaning Business Slogans

woman wiping sweat on her face after a day's cleaning work

Think of cleaning service names and slogans as billboards for your business, condensed into a short phrase. Here are 25 slogans for a cleaning business to inspire your own.

  1. Maid for you.
  2. Simply spotless!
  3. Tidy house. Tidy mind.
  4. We make homes sparkle.
  5. Cleaning at its finest.
  6. We create fresh spaces.
  7. We leave no dust behind.
  8. Squeaky clean, every time.
  9. Your home is in good hands.
  10. We clean your worries away.
  11. You name it, we’ll clean it.
  12. Every home deserves the best.
  13. We clean right the first time.
  14. We’re your home’s best friend.
  15. Next-level commercial cleaning.
  16. Quality cleaning you can count on.
  17. Because cleanliness is our business.
  18. We clean corners, we don’t cut them.
  19. Leave the mess to us. We’ve got this.
  20. We do the chores. You live your life.
  21. Bringing cleanliness to your doorstep.
  22. Restoring spaces, one clean at a time.
  23. Life gets busy. Housekeeping shouldn’t.
  24. Don’t gamble with dirt you can’t handle.
  25. Leave your cleaning to us. You’ve earned the rest.

Looking for more cleaning quotes for business? Watch the video below for some cool ideas.

Cleaning Business Slogans Ideas to double your profit.

25 Funny Cleaning Quotes for Business

Most house cleaning slogans are “serious” or professional. However, if you want to set yourself apart from the competition, a funny slogan can be a great way to do it. But don’t go overboard with your tagline. 

We’ve put together a list of hilarious slogans to get you started. 

  1. Cleaning with a twist.
  2. Laugh your stains away.
  3. Turn mess into hilarity.
  4. Your dirt is our mission.
  5. Mo mess, mo problems.
  6. We always come clean.
  7. Clean carpets, dirty jokes.
  8. Your mess, our comedy show.
  9. Where clean meets chuckle.
  10. Because cleaning can be fun.
  11. We’re fresh, funny, and clean.
  12. We love the cleaning you hate.
  13. Wipe happens. Embrace the clean.
  14. Cleaning with a side of giggles.
  15. Our brooms have a sense of humor.
  16. From filth to funny, we do it all.
  17. Making cleaning a laughing matter.
  18. Messy situations, witty solutions.
  19. Cleaning that’ll leave you in stitches.
  20. No spot too tough. No joke too rough. 
  21. Cleaning services only for smart people.
  22. High-quality laughter, low-cost cleaning.
  23. Messy house blues? We’ll clean and soothe.
  24. The cleaner the space, the safer the place.
  25. We’re not afraid of dirt. We laugh in its face!

25 Catchy Slogans for Your Cleaning Business 

A catchy cleaning slogan is like a memorable hook that summarizes the value of your services.

The more creative your tagline is, the more likely it is to spark potential customer’s curiosity and, by extension, allow you to grow your business. 

Here’s a list of catchy slogans you can use to establish your cleaning business.  

  1. We clean. A lot!
  2. From dingy to dazzling.
  3. Neat is our middle name.
  4. We speak fluent sparkle.
  5. We’re cleaning royalty.
  6. We’re your key to clean.
  7. A below-the-surface clean.
  8. The cleaning crew that cares.
  9. You have better things to do.
  10. Cleaning that steals the show.
  11. A clean space is a happy space.
  12. Residential cleaning that WOWs!
  13. A clean space is a healthy space.
  14. No job too big, no mess too small.
  15. Lose the mop. We’ll clean the slop.
  16. Because a clean living space matters.
  17. Custom clean, tailored to your needs.
  18. Clean home, that’s how we love to roam.
  19. Come home to a haven, clean and bright.
  20. More time for fun, less time on the mop
  21. Relax and unwind. A clean home you’ll find.
  22. Cleaning redefined. Let us handle the grime.
  23. Your mess is no match for our cleaning catch
  24. Quality cleaning without bending your budget.
  25.  Every project is different. Every client is special.

25 Catchy Spring Cleaning Business Quotes

spring cleaning slogan

Spring brings a boom in business for cleaning companies.

After a winter of closed windows, tracked-in dirt, and dust from heating systems, homes and businesses accumulate a layer of grime.

The Spring cleaning quotes for business below will help you turn potential clients into paying customers. 

  1. Spring into a clean home.
  2. New season. Clean space.
  3. Spring cleaning made easy.
  4. Shake off the winter grime.
  5.  Get your home Spring-ready.
  6. Clean up and see the change.
  7. Renew, refresh, Spring clean!
  8. Restart the year with a spark.
  9. Join the Spring Clean movement.
  10. Quality Spring cleaning service.
  11. Say hello to Spring cleanliness.
  12. Welcome Spring with a clean home.
  13. Bring the bloom with a deep clean.
  14. Spring clean your way to serenity.
  15. Welcome Spring with a clean sweep.
  16. Make room for Springtime splendor.
  17. We bring you the Spring clean vibe.
  18. It’s not a mess. We call it lived-in.
  19. Your cleanest Spring yet starts here.
  20.  Spring cleaning, you say? We got you!
  21. Out with the winter, in with the shine.
  22. Get ready for the sun with a Spring clean.
  23. We’re your partner for a clean Spring season.
  24. Trust us for a fresh, clean start this Spring.
  25. Professional Spring clean, a breath of fresh air.

25 Cleaning Products Slogans for Business

catchy cleaning slogan on a product

If cleaning products are part of your package, having creative slogans for your supplies can help you generate more sales.

Here’s a list of slogans for cleaning supplies you can copy. 

  1. Cleaning made simple.
  2. Leave no trace behind.
  3. The cleaner, the better.
  4. Cleaning made convenient.
  5. Cleaning without compromise.
  6. For a cleaner, happier home.
  7. Tackle dirt with confidence.
  8. A sparkling clean everywhere.
  9. Clean solutions for every room.
  10. Cleanliness you can see and feel.
  11. Powerful cleaning for busy lives.
  12. The first step to a cleaner home.
  13. The power of clean in your hands.
  14. Cleaning solutions for every mess.
  15. Welcome to the future of cleaning.
  16. Tough on stains, gentle on surfaces.
  17. Banish dirt with our cleaning products.
  18. Cleaning excellence for every surface.
  19. Solutions for life’s messiest moments.
  20. The cleaner choice for a brighter home
  21. Introducing a new standard of cleaning.
  22. Bringing cleanliness to your fingertips.
  23. Effortless cleaning, exceptional results.
  24. Trusted by homeowners, loved by cleaners.
  25. Your best friend in the fight against dirt.

25 Bathroom Cleaning Business Slogans

business cleaning quotes -  a woman cleaning floor with a mop snapshot

A good bathroom slogan highlighting your unique selling proposition can be the marketing tool your business needs to scale.

Here are 25 slogans bathroom cleaning companies can use to attract more customers.

  1. Flush away the grime.
  2. Scrub, rinse, repeat.
  3. Clean your bathroom right.
  4. We simplify bathroom cleaning.
  5. Clean bathrooms make happy homes.
  6. Let’s take care of your bathroom.
  7. Cleaning bathrooms is what we do.
  8. Make a statement with your bathroom.
  9. Bathroom battles? We’ve got your back.
  10. Keeping bathrooms clean since day one.
  11. A spa-like retreat, right at your feet.
  12. Bathroom bliss starts with cleanliness.
  13. For a bathroom that’s clean and serene.
  14. Affordable bathroom and toilet cleaning,
  15. A bathroom so clean, you’ll want to stay.
  16. For a bathroom that’s always guest-ready.
  17. Keep your bathroom fresh, clean, and neat.
  18. Don’t be a bathroom bummer. Clean it quick.
  19. Scrub-a-dub-dub, it’s time for a clean tub.
  20. Start and end your day in a clean bathroom.
  21. Wash away worries with our cleaning stories.
  22. Professional bathroom cleaners at your service.
  23. Guess who’s got the cleanest bathroom of all? You!
  24. From floor to ceiling, we’ll make your bathroom clean.
  25. Clean bathrooms, healthy family. It’s a win-win for everyone.

25 Popular Cleaning Slogans

man cleaning a floor with a machine

Popular slogans are popular for a reason. And sometimes, it makes sense to borrow a concept from a popular slogan and give it your twist.

Here are some inspirational taglines to get your juices flowing. 

  1. The clean team.
  2. Cleaning with care
  3. Cleaning done right
  4. Cleanliness delivered.
  5. I am shining best for less.
  6. No more living in dust. 
  7. Cleaner, brighter, better.
  8. Your clean, our guarantee.
  9. The cleaning professionals.
  10. We clean where others miss.
  11. Clean up and see the change.
  12. Cleaning that fits your lifestyle.
  13. Experience the ultimate clean.
  14. The trusted name in cleaning.
  15. We clean so you don’t have to.
  16. Being clean is the only choice.
  17. Cleaning service with a personal touch.
  18. We only have one job, cleaning.
  19. When cleanliness counts.
  20. Sparkling clean, inside and out.
  21. We’re the ones to clean it right.
  22. Beyond clean, beyond compare.
  23. Where cleanliness reigns supreme.
  24. Cleaning doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
  25. The clean you expect. The service you deserve.

25 Catchy Carpet Cleaning Slogans

cleaning quotes for business - woman cleaning a carpet

Customers want a carpet cleaning that shows professionalism and reliability. 

One of the ways you can enhance your brand image and the services you offer is to choose catchy and memorable cleaning quotes for business.

Here’s a list of 25 such slogans. 

  1. We’re the carpet cleaners.
  2. Carpet cleaning simplified. 
  3. Your carpets, our specialty.
  4. Carpets cleaned to perfection!
  5. Make memories on clean carpets.
  6. Let’s pamper with a 5-start clean.
  7. We’re serious about clean carpets.
  8. Restore the beauty of your carpets.
  9. For carpets that look as good as new.
  10. Intelligent carpet cleaning for smart homes.
  11. Carpets so clean, you can eat off them.
  12. Carpet cleaning that goes the extra mile.
  13.  We understand your carpet’s deepest needs.
  14. Call today for a brighter, cleaner carpet.
  15. We make dirty carpets a thing of the past.
  16. We clean your carpets like they’re our own,
  17. Your carpets have the right to remain clean.
  18. Because clean carpets make all the difference.
  19. We don’t just clean carpets; we sanitize them.
  20. We’re the answer to your carpet cleaning needs. 
  21. Carpet cleaning that leaves a lasting impression.
  22. Love your carpets? We’ll make them love you back.
  23. The only carpet cleaning service you’ll ever need.
  24. The reliable choice for professional carpet cleaning.
  25. We specialize in [specialty, e.g.,  pet stain removal] carpet cleaning

25 Green Cleaning Slogans

The world is going green. Thus, providing green cleaning services means your business aligns with where the planet is headed.

The following green cleaning slogan ideas will ensure your business gets noticed. 

  1. Naturally sparkling.
  2. Choose green cleaning.
  3. Get a green quote today.
  4. Clean green, live clean!
  5. Same-day green cleaning.
  6. We clean green, not mean.
  7. Clean green, make it seen.
  8. Green power, time after time.
  9. We clean green, you live clean.
  10. Eco-friendly cleaning services.
  11. Welcome to the future of clean.
  12. Go green. Make our planet clean.
  13. Save money, save the environment.
  14. We’re the green cleaning experts.
  15. We’re professional green cleaners.
  16. Good for your space and the planet.
  17. Green cleaning done right, done fast.
  18. Deep clean without the harsh chemicals.
  19. Clean living starts with green cleaning.
  20. Skip the sprays. Clean green every time.
  21. We’re not just cleaning; we’re greening!
  22. Your reliable choice for green cleaning.
  23. We’re dedicated to eco-friendly cleaning.
  24. Safe for your family, safe for the planet.
  25. Sustainable cleaning for a better tomorrow.

25 Post-Construction Cleaning Slogans

three people cleaning a room

The global construction market will hit $17.2 trillion by 2030 — creating a high demand for after-construction cleaners. 

Here’s a list of 25 taglines to help you get a piece of the pie. 

  1. Move in without dust.
  2. Enjoy your new home buzz.
  3. We clean beyond the surface.
  4.  Enjoy your new space sooner. 
  5. Construction done. Cleaning done.
  6. Let’s handle the post-build mess.
  7. We leave your new place gushing.
  8. Your new space, impeccably clean.
  9. We handle the construction debris.
  10. Don’t let dust be your first guest.
  11. Time is money. We’ll save you both.
  12. Move in faster. We clean quick. On time
  13. Built with care, cleaned with expertise.
  14. After the dust settles, we bring the shine.
  15. We don’t miss a trace of construction dust.
  16. Construction’s over. Let the cleaning begin.
  17. We clean up the mess. You focus on the move.
  18. Premium after-construction cleaning services.
  19. Post-construction cleaning is what we do best.
  20. We’re your after-construction cleaning partners.
  21. Your one-stop shop for post-construction cleanup.
  22. The after-construction clean that makes a difference.
  23. Post-construction cleaning that gets you settled in, fast.
  24. [City name]’s trusted choice for post-construction cleaning.
  25. Experience the [Your Company Name] after-construction excellence.

25 Duct Cleaning Slogans

woman cleaning a duct

If your company specializes in duct cleaning, a captivating slogan can help you cut through the noise in a competitive market.

Here are some unique taglines you may want to consider. 

  1. Clean-a-duct.
  2. Breathe easy for less.
  3. We’re the duct busters.
  4. Clean ducts, happier lungs.
  5. We clear the air, literally.
  6. We’re the duct cleaning guys.
  7. Clean your ducts the right way.
  8. Dust-free ducts, healthy home.
  9. Clean your ducts the right way.
  10. Schedule your duct cleaning now.
  11. We clean every duct inch by inch!
  12.  Clean ducts are just a call away.
  13. Fresh air starts with clean ducts.
  14. Dirty ducts? We’ve got you covered.
  15. We make every duct clean and green.
  16. We have specialized duct cleaners at the work.
  17. Don’t wait to inhale dust. Call us today.
  18. Dust-free living starts with clean ducts.
  19. 100% satisfaction guaranteed duct cleaning.
  20. Duct cleaning service for healthier living.
  21. We clean everything from ducts to diffusers.
  22. Breathe healthy. Clean ducts make a difference.
  23. Weekdays to weekends, we clean ducts all week long.
  24.  Clogged ducts cost you more. Save on energy bills.
  25. Breathe easy for less with discounted duct cleaning.

20 Cleaning Business Quotes

business cleaning quotes snapshot

Cleaning quotes for business quotes by other people can add credibility and trust to your business. Here are a few quotes you can use in your marketing assets.

  1. “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”
  2. “Outer order contributes to inner calm.”
  3. “There is no substitute for a clean home.”
  4. “A clean home is a sanctuary for the soul.”
  5. Housework, if you do it right, can kill you.
  6. “Cleaning is not a chore; it’s a way of life.”
  7.  “Cleaning is the first step towards self-care.”
  8. “Cleaning is the act of bringing order to chaos.”
  9. “Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?”
  10. “Cleaning and organizing is a practice, not a project.”
  11. “Don’t find yourself cleaning up the same mess twice.”
  12. “Dirt has so little cause for pride that it never boasts.”
  13. “Cleanliness becomes more important when disease is rife.”
  14. “Don’t get discouraged by the mess. Focus on the progress.”
  15. “Dust settles everywhere, even in the best-regulated houses.”
  16. “Cleaning and decluttering can be a very meditative experience.”
  17. “Cleaning is a never-ending battle, but a battle worth fighting.”
  18. “Cleaning isn’t punishment; it’s self-care for your environment.”
  19. “We dream of having a clean house — but who dreams of cleaning?”
  20. “You don’t have to clean everything at once. Just focus on one task at a time.”

20 Funny Cleaning Quotes for Business

cleaning quotes for business snapshot

Humor creates a positive emotional connection. You can use humor to make your business relatable and enjoyable to work with.

Here are a few funny quotes for cleaning businesses. 

  1. “Housekeeping ain’t no joke.”
  2. “Cleaning: the struggle is real.”
  3. “I don’t mind cleaning, said no one ever.”
  4. “Life is too short to clean your own home.”
  5. “You miss 100% of the dirt you don’t clean.”
  6. “Sweeping only moves the dust somewhere else.”
  7. “Cleaning is the art of making peace with dust.”
  8. “Dust is a protective coating for fine furniture.”
  9. “Cleaning: the one chore that’s never really done.”
  10. “My house was clean yesterday. Sorry, you missed it!”
  11. “Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door.”
  12. “You never know what you have until you clean your room.”
  13. “You know what would make house cleaning more fun? A maid.”
  14. “Nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest.”
  15. “The uglier the cleaning challenge, the prettier the results.”
  16. “Why can’t the house clean itself? It seems to get dirty by itself.”
  17. “You don’t get anything clean without getting something else dirty.”
  18. “Cleaning is the art of pretending that everything isn’t always dirty.”
  19. “A bright person can always think of something better to do than housework.”
  20. “Cleaning is the ultimate way to find things you’ve been looking for months.”

How to Use Cleaning Service Slogans to Attract More Customers

Together with catchy cleaning business names, slogans can easily grab your prospect’s attention quickly.

However, to make the most of your taglines, you must use them correctly. Here’s how to effectively max out your house cleaning slogans in various touchpoints.

On Online Listing and Reviews Platforms

online reviews platform snapshot

You can include your slogan when responding to positive reviews to reinforce the message.

Example: “Thank you for the kind words! We’re happy to hear from you.” As we say at [Your Company’s Name], ‘[Your Slogan].’ That way, you can personalize the interaction and reiterate your brand promise.

In addition, you can include your slogan (or a shortened version) in your listing title to stand out in search results.

Speaking of which, you can take advantage of MioCommerce’s Listings and Reviews to quickly list your cleaning business online, collect positive reviews, and rank higher to attract more customers.

On Your Website

You can use your slogan as a headline on your website’s homepage, paired with a clear call to action (CTA) button. This creates a strong first impression and encourages user engagement.

For instance, a headline like “‘[Your Slogan]’ – Get a Free Quote Today!” grabs attention, communicates your value and prompts potential customers to take the next step.

On that note, MioCommerce offers customizable cleaning business websites that allow you to start selling online in no time. The package includes hosting, SSL, free copy updates, and installation.

Communicating with Customers

businessman holding hand touchscreen smartphone and checking email icon online or sending mail to partner and customer on web with virtual interface technology concept

A short, memorable slogan can be a great conversation starter when introducing your company to potential clients.

You can also include your tagline in your email signature to keep you at the top of prospects’ and customers’ minds.

Communicating with your cleaning customers and prospects is easy with MioCommerce. 

Our multi-channel inbox allows you to manage all chats, emails, and texts in one place. That way, you can respond faster, improve teamwork, and gain. 

On Social Media

Creating cleaning slogans and quotes can be effective for selling on social media, where the audience is more likely to share and engage with content they find valuable. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Post a funny meme related to cleaning, and add your slogan in the caption.
  • Share a before-and-after cleaning photo and use your slogan to highlight the transformation.
  • Create a branded hashtag with your slogan or quote. Encourage followers to use the hashtag in their posts to spread brand awareness.

MioCommerce helps your social media channels and ads into sales channels for your cleaning service. With tools like “book now buttons,” live pricing, and real-time booking, you can quickly convert clicks to paying customers.

Other places where you can use slogans and cleaning quotes for business include flyers, postcards, signage, brochures, and invoices. 


What Is a Slogan for Cleaning?

A slogan for cleaning is a short, memorable phrase that sums up your business. It’s typically catchy, informative, and communicates the benefits of using your services.

What Is a Quote for Cleaning Services?

Cleaning quotes for business in the context of this blog post refer to memorable sayings by industry insiders or satisfied customers highlighting the importance of professional cleaning services.
However, a quote for cleaning services can also mean a formal document outlining the estimated pricing as well as the terms and conditions. 

What Do I Say to Advertise My Cleaning Business?

To advertise your cleaning business effectively, keep your message short and sweet. In addition, use strong verbs and positive language. 
Furthermore, customize your message according to your target audience. 

Final Thoughts

Good slogans and quotes are important advertising tools for your cleaning business.

When you craft taglines that resonate with your audience, you stir an emotional response that brings your service to the customer’s mind. 

So, the next time they have a cleaning need, your business is the one they’ll most probably call.

Having a memorable quote or slogan for a cleaning business is one thing. However, using it to drive the desired results is entirely different.

Once you’ve settled on a particular slogan or quote, MioCommerce will provide the tools to make sure your cleaning business is seen and heard.

Feel free to book a call with one of our experts to discuss how we can help you grow your cleaning business.